Restaurant Võru

Võru has been with humanity for thousands of years; it was one of the first pieces of jewelry to bring us joy, often symbolizing friendship and respect. Võru is ancient, yet simultaneously modern and trendy.

Our restaurant honors traditions while always looking towards the future – this applies to both our food and drink offerings.

Võru is a versatile dining experience.

Our lunches are simple, quick, flavorful, and varied.

Evenings at Võru, on the other hand, are spirited and dignified, rich in taste and lingering.

Opening times:
Monday: 11-15
Tuesday: 11-15 / 17-22
Wedesday: 11-15 / 17-22
Thursday: 11-15 / 17-22
Friday: 11-15 /17-23
Saturday: 12-23
Sunday: 12-21

Restaurant is closed 22-24.06.2024 

Restaurant Võru, Pirita tee 20/1, Tallinn       info & reservations: +372 53 683 900 or